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Rohit Kumar Kangra News Update Media Kangra
Rohit Kumar

Name: Rohit Kumar

District Journalist: Kangra

Email: rohit.legal.compliance@gmail.com

Contact No. +91 88948-60302

Feel Free To Contact Us.

Munish Kumar News Update Media Bilaspur
Munish Kumar 

Name : Munish Kumar

District Journalist: Bilaspur 

Email: munish776kumar@gmail.com

Contact No. +91 98570-84776

Feel Free To Contact Us.

Anil Kumar News Update Media Chamba
Anil Kumar 

Name : Anil kumar

District Journalist: Chamba

Email: Nabbu612@gmail.com

Contact No.+91 9816739612,+91 9418371423

Feel Free To Contact Us.

Vishal Dogra News Update Media Mandi
Vishal Kumar 

Name : Vishal Kumar 

District Journalist: Mandi

Email: vishalkumar3608@gmail.com

Contact No: +9182194-27422

Feel Free To Contact Us.

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